I have recently read this quote from Ram Dass : “We’re all just walking each other home.” and I find it defines how I now look at our relationships together as we live life.

My passion is connecting people in deep and meaningful ways. It matters to me that we realize that our lives are finite and therefore that we all make the most of every day that we are here together. While we walk each other home, connections make each day meaningful and deepen our experience of life.

Wholebody Focusing is a significant part of my sharing of my passion for connections as it helps me connect with others and create the “we” from which we can develop heartfelt conversations. I use Wholebody Focusing both in my groups and in one on one conversations. For the past three years I have been facilitating conversations about death and dying with Death Café events. www.deathcafe.com. I have also used it in training new listeners in Active Listening at a telephone listening service here in Montreal. Wholebody focusing is ideal for accompanying those who have experienced the death of loved ones and I have been able to do this both with grief sharing groups and at palliative care facilities. Opportunities to connect with people, even strangers, abound when we find ourselves in grounded presence, open to those around us.

If you are interested in using Wholebody Focusing in groups or one to one and would like to connect with me to talk about this, please don’t hesitate. I look forward to making a connection with you and having a heartfelt conversation.

I am available for phone, Skype and in-person sessions and workshops.
Phone: 1-514-968-0927
Email: kitracette@yahoo.com
Website: http://kitracette.com
Alexander Technique teacher associated with ATI Alexander Technique International
Grief Edu-therapist
Trainer in Wholebody Focusing recognized by Focusing Institute


I have had the pleasure of discovering Focusing with Nada Lou and Ann Weiser Cornell. As I am an Alexander Technique Teacher I was then drawn to the work in Wholebody Focusing developed by Kevin McEvenue and I have studied with Kevin and Karin Whalen, taking part in their Advanced WBF training. Following the training I continued to work with Karin via Skype and I am now a trainer with Focusing Institute. In addition I have enjoyed participating in FISS for several years where I have had the opportunity of studying Focusing with Children with René Veugelers as well as deepening my experience of Spiritual Focusing with Nada. For the past few years Nada, Patricia Manessy and myself have facilitated a Changes group in Montreal, sharing Focusing with others.