I am a certified Wholebody Focusing professional and artist at play across the fields of music, movement and wellbeing. I offer trainings in Wholebody Focusing and also work collaboratively with other artists (sound, storytelling, movement, visual art) to create participatory and ritual community events. I have abiding passions for Gendlin’s Philosophy of the Implicit, somatic and authentic movement practices, women’s spirituality circles, the interplay of dream and waking life, and for bringing Focusing into schools.

The thoroughly grounded improvisatory nature of Wholebody Focusing and Heartfelt Connection and Conversation is a transdimensional training for me in the subtleties of inner-directedness. An aesthetic inner guidance system is something which has been refining itself in me throughout my life as a creative musician and writer. With the births of my four sons (2001-2006) has come a successively deeper engagement with my own embodiment, and a more complex set of life circumstances. Wholebody Focusing continues to be my path of integration for all of this.

I see the work carrying itself forward through me in such a way that the distinction I currently experience between offering Wholebody Focusing trainings and creating participatory live artform events synergizes into a living whole.

This is something I’m deeply excited about! I welcome email contact from those who are touched in some way by what I have shared and are perhaps curious about what might develop in the We.

I am available for phone, Skype and in-person sessions and workshops.

Phone: +61 401 401 502

Email: lynette.lancini@gmail.com

Website: http://wholebodycreativechange.com

Represented Artist (Composition) with the Australian Music Centre http://www.australianmusiccentre.com.au/artist/lancini-lynette

Grad Dip Ed (Primary Music), BA (Music, English), A Mus A (Piano)


Details of Wholebody Focusing training:

2013-current ongoing

  • Fortnightly training sessions via Skype with Karen Whalen


  • Co-facilitator with Karen Whalen of 5 day Brisbane Foundational and Advanced Relational Wholebody Focusing Training (June 1-5)


  • 5 day Wellington Foundational Training in Wholebody Focusing, Introducing the Wholebody Heartfelt Connection, and Training in Small Group Facilitation. Co-facilitated by Karen Whalen and Jacinda Doogue (Jan 22-26)


  • 6 day Melbourne Foundational Training in Wholebody Focusing and a WBF oriented approach to working with Trauma with Karen Whalen (Jan 23-28)

  • 5 session monthly WBF group teleclass with Karen Whalen, assisted by Jo Kennedy (Jun-Oct)


  • 3 day Melbourne Foundational Wholebody Focusing Training with Karen Whalen (Feb 24-26)

  • 5 session monthly WBF group teleclass with Karen Whalen, assisted by Jo Kennedy and Charlene Martelli (Jun-Oct)

Past and ongoing training in wider Focusing community:

I am a weekly member of Rob Parker’s teleseminars, reading and re-reading Gene Gendlin’s major philosophical work A Process Model (2010-current ongoing). I have also undertaken training in Thinking At the Edge with Rob Parker (2012) and Nada Lou (2009).

Alongside Focusing partnerships with peers, my Focusing teachers prior to Wholebody Focusing training include Bev Stevenson (regular sessions 2006-2009), Jo Kennedy (Inner Relationship Focusing Levels 1&2, 2009-2010) and Ann Weiser Cornell (Inner Relationship Focusing Levels 3&4, 2011). I’ve also participated in a number of 5 week teleclasses run by Ann Weiser Cornell with Gene Gendlin, including Philosophy, Focusing and Dreams I and II (2012).


My music has been broadcast, performed and toured by Topology, The Muses Trio and The Queensland Orchestra. You can hear some of it on Topology’s Difference Engine (CENTAUR, Mvts I-IV) and on The Muses Trio website (Musica Soma).


Musica Soma is a meditative versioning of the month of March 2014. The piano tracks a simplified diurnal cycle (left hand) and lunar cycle, including a twelve tone cycle of fifths for the moon's astrological phases (right hand+). The strings follow an annotated menstrual chart, rendering in sound a woman's hormonal cycle (violin/oestrogen, cello/progesterone).