Addie van der Kooy

Addie van der Kooy
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  • Addie van der Kooy, Dutch national living in the United Kingdom.

WBF qualification:

  • I am a Focusing Institute registered Trainer in Wholebody Focusing (WBF) with more than a decade of 1:1 training with Kevin McEvenue, the founder of WBF.

  • I am also the author of the WBF workbook called "Focusing With Your Whole Body" (for ordering copies, you can contact me on

What I offer:

  • 1:1 WBF sessions on Skype, telephone and face-to-face.

  • A 1:1 Foundation Course in WBF which is based on the workbook "Focusing With Your Whole Body" (for info on this course you can contact me at:

Due to my background experience in chronic pain and trauma, I seem to be particularly well equipped to accompany those who are keen to use WBF as a way of trauma healing and chronic pain management/transformation.

I am also interested in nourishing the spiritual dimension that is naturally contained within the essence of the WBF dynamic - it can provide a doorway into a natural journey of self-discovery, self-awareness.


  • coastal path walking / cycling / writing /meditating.
  • accompanying others through the WBF process on a 1:1 basis

More details:

I remember it quite clearly, although it is many years ago. I was reading an article by Kevin McEvenue about WBF and when I read the sentence " When a part of me feels loved, it awakens to its own healing" my whole body resonated from top to toe.

Out of this resonance has grown a long standing relationship with Kevin which evolved over the years from one of practitioner and client (I was suffering from severe chronic pain due to pre- and perinatal trauma) to two people exploring together the dimensions and dynamics of WBF.

A workbook on WBF, "Focusing With Your Whole Body" evolved spontaneously out of this exploration together. Just recently I have fully re-written and revised the workbook adding a depth and clarity gained over 8 more years of experience in WBF.

I feel very privileged to have worked directly with the master himself and during our hundreds and hundreds of sessions over the many years, it feels WBF is now in my blood, tissues and bones. It has allowed (and still is) for deep trauma healing to take place inside me and it has given me a way of managing and at times also transforming chronic pain.

It now gives me a lot of pleasure and fulfillment to accompany and guide other people through the WBF process as a journey of deep healing and transformation.