Kevin McEvenue

Humpty Dumpty in Pieces

In the Humpty Dumpty analogy of the nursery rhyme, Humpty Dumpty suddenly begins to realize that his life is now falling upwards, and he is being put together in pieces that he could never have imagined on his own. This is really the beginning of the second half of my life after the fall. And my guess is that we all have that moment when we say, “That was the moment I went to pieces.” And it was after the fall that something started to function in us that began to put us back together again. If we let it!

I would like to call this inner wisdom that is in the heart of every one of us, an inner wisdom that is not of our own making. It feels so different from the all too familiar which is a kind of trying to make things happen. This feels effortless in a way. We know we couldn’t do this ourselves and yet, our bodies are doing just this! This is doing what we know we can’t do or could never imagine as a possibility.

The Inner Voice

Kevin McEvenue

Evidently there is a better way, but I guess I had to ask first. It came as a gentle voice inside me, a voice like no other I had ever heard before. It happened at the end of an Alexander session. I must have been totally relaxed or something like that. It seemed to be a Presence inside me like no other and yet a Presence I knew I could trust. This voice simply outlined my options, what was working, what not, what might work even better, some guidelines towards new possibilities that might fit my life more. There were no demands, no threats, no shoulds, just a gentle reminder that I could make changes. Now is easier, later becomes a little harder in time. The choice was so obvious. I just said yes.

Giving Consent

Almost from that moment, my life seemed to change completely. I no longer felt alone. Suddenly I had the courage, the resources, even the opportunities I needed. I also found I was filled with an amazing energy to make these changes.

Humpty Dumpty found his Mojo. He found himself coming back together again in a way he never dreamed could be “Me.” It feels like the Me he was always meant to be and maybe more. The story continues as life itself continues and now I know I am a part of that.