I am a curious researcher who has learned to heal myself from trauma and physical illness.

I started out like many people with mainstream medical and psychological solutions--pills and psychotherapy. When these therapies proved ineffective for me, I cast a broader net. This included acupuncture, homeopathy, sound healing, meditation, flower essences, massage, Focusing and Wholebody Focusing.

I first learned about Focusing when I was recovering from cancer twenty years ago. I attended several of Ann Weiser Cornell’s “Living with Focusing” workshops. In these workshops, I found the most loving and supportive atmosphere that I had ever encountered and my heart opened. I was introduced to the idea that I could love and accept all of myself just as I was. Wholebody Focusing took me to the next level to help me listen to my body, experience authentic movement and create an continuous space for healing. This has supported my recovery from illnesses and trauma and added a new sense of wholeness.

I received my Wholebody Focusing Training from Karen Whalen and Kevin McEvenue. I received my certification from the International Focusing Institute in 2016. I am a USUI Reiki Roho Master - 3rd Degree and work with flower essences as part of my practice. I specialize in helping clients deepen their ability to communicate with their energetic bodies in order to bring body, mind and spirit into harmony. This happens through connection to energetic forces available to everyone, allowing automatic body movement to emerge without judgement or preconceived expectations, pausing to see what emerges, and welcoming the new wisdom that one’s body shares.

My training includes:

  • Certified Wholebody Focusing Trainer
  • USUI Reiki Roho Master - 3rd Degree
  • Flower Essence Society Trainee
  • Maharishi Foundation USA: Transcendental Meditation

What I Offer

  1. One to one client Wholebody Focusing and Heartfelt Connection sessions in person or via Internet.
  2. Study Groups via Zoom on topics connected to deepening the use of authentic movement as part of your Focusing practice.
  3. 1 to 3 day Wholebody Focusing Workshops:
    • Deepen your ability to find and maintain long-term WBF partnerships to sustain your healing process; and
    • Learn to develop a personal ongoing sign language to help encourage long-term healing.
  4. Guidance for those experiencing a health crisis to learn to apply WBF and heartfelt conversation to support the healing process.

Other Certifications

I am also a retired educator who worked with inner city high school youth for 26 years in various capacities.

  • New York State: School/District Administrator
  • New York City: Educational Administrator: Senior Instructional Program Management ELL/Bilingual
  • New York City: Assistant Principal, Administration
  • New York State: Spanish Teacher 7-12
  • New York State: Instructional Technology K-12
  • School of Visual Art: Method Acting training

My Websites


  • Native English
  • Advanced Spanish proficiency in speaking, reading and writing
  • Intermediate level French and Italian


Fan of women’s scholastic and professional basketball, video and digital artist, tap dancer, chef who only cooks for loved ones

Wholebody Focusing, Flower Essence Remedies or Reiki are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical or mental health diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider regarding any medical or mental health condition.