Eero Voutilainen


After decades of outwardly active life my way of life since 1990 has been more and more contemplative way of living. Silence and slow life found me in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada during my Sabbatical year 1989-1990 in Beautiful British Columbia, Victoria, in the paradise on the Earth.

The whole Sabbatical became instinctively for me without any plan deeply whole bodily and spiritually transformative. My way of contemplative Life found solid ground and source. I heard clear Invitation into Contemplation. Silence, slow down, consent, surrender, trust, receive, just to be in Present, Solo Dios basta. I love this kind of contemplative expressions.

I practice quite regularly nordic waking in nature, prayer of consent, being in silence alone and in silent group, whole body focusing alone and with my close friends and Lectio Divina in group. I participate in contemplative services and in different kind of narrative, heartfelt conversation groups. By my personality I am partner and HSP, Highly Sensitive Person. Being is my Doing!


My name is Eero Antti Voutilainen, nickname Ekko and education Helsinki School of Economics, MA. I am born 1936 in Karelia, in that part of Eastern Finland we lost to the Soviet Union during Second World War. Since 1939 I have been longing for my birthplace and home. I Live now in Espoo, near Helsinki, our capital.

I have two children, Tuija and Antti. Tuija and her children Miika, Anniina, Sebastian and Jonathan live in USA. Tuija lives with her husband Michel in Garrison, MA and my grandchildren in different part of USA. Antti and his son Daniel live in Finland.

I have been retired long time ago after working in Finland about 40 years as different kind of supporter, helper and counsellor on self-knowledge, personal growth, entrepreneurship, management consulting, mentoring e.t.c. As a volunteer I have experiences in directing silent and spiritual retreats.