Fusako Nakamura

Fusako has asked her Focusing friend, Sayuri, to introduce her:

Fusako has engaged in Focusing for 25 years. Her special interests are interpersonal encounters and connecting people to people. Today her big project, “Heartfelt Project Amami” has a great impact on the people of Amami Island in Japan. She also organizes a regular study group in Tokyo named “Kevin’s Steps”.

She is a very energetic, open-minded person and enthusiastic traveler. One part of her marvelous personality is a spirit of curiosity and inquiry for everything including herself. Amazingly, she started swimming at the age of 70, even though she couldn’t swim at all until then. And she has been a merry cello musician for 10 years.


After receiving her B.A. in Child Development, Fusako studied counseling while raising her three children. She worked as a Rogers-based counselor to students in a university and a junior high school. She still practices her philosophy, that children have to be respected the same as adults, as a volunteer in a children’s hospital. According to Fusako, “not only the Child, but also the Baby, deserves respect as a Human Being”.

Her best Focusing friend, Teruko, introduced her to Kevin in 2004.

“Respect and Protect” is her invaluable concept, motto, and practice in her life. She has learned this from Kevin in many trainings and individual sessions of Wholebody Focusing and Heartfelt Connection for more than 10 years.