Welcome to my WholeBody Focusing resource page.

Here you will discover my passions and my life's work. No single methodology or process has shaped or defined my life more than WholeBody Focusing, Integral Philosophy and the Enneagram. Each on their own is powerful; as a synthesis they are transformational.

At the foundation of this triad is WholeBody Focusing. This methodology distinguishes itself from mainstream holistic practices in how we meet and hold another human. Whether applied in coaching, in personal or professional development, counseling, somatic practice or therapy, it distills to being in a heart-felt connection with another human being.

Simply this offers us:

  • Being met,
  • Being seen,
  • Being listened to, and;
  • Being understood.

Certifications & Specializations:

Certified Whole Body Focusing Therapist and Trainer - (Focusing Institute™) , Certified Integral Master Coach™, Enneagram teacher (Enneagram Worldwide™- Narrative Tradition, Enneagram Institute™, and The Enneagram in Business™)

Current Workshop Offerings:

Introduction to The WholeBody Enneagram - A three day workshop to explore and experience the Wisdom of the Sufi Enneagram and traditional psychology using somatic practices to integrate our centers of intelligence in the container of grounded presence.

Integrating Intelligence - Three and Five day workshop formats where WholeBody Focusing is integrated with Ken Wilber's Integral Theory and Practices to help inform, inspire and guide leaders, teams, professional coaches and management consultants.

Becoming One - This six day workshop worship is specifically designed for couples. The focus is on rebuilding, fostering and promoting relationships. This workshop is a synthesis of WholeBody Focusing and delving deeply into the Sufi Enneagram.


My passion is assisting people who choose to make a difference with their lives. A thirty-three year career as an airline pilot and twenty years as the Regional Director of flight operations with the Canadian Federal Government offered fertile and diverse opportunities to affirm my commitment to developing people. Upon retiring in 2010 from public service I continue to follow my passions in personal and human development, change and transformation.

My specialty is working at the senior and middle management executive levels to explore their leadership paradigm strengths, concerns and development potential. Developing new capacities and skillsets that challenge their assumptions, change perspectives and ask the right questions are key to personal and an organization's sustainability. They are the essential triad inspiring and promoting innovation. I guide you to build capacities that fully engage all aspects of your life. Integral Coaching® is the catalyst I share with clients seeking sustainable change.

My life is deeply rooted in Integral Theory, psychology and philosophy. Vippassana meditation informs my Integral Life Practice, enriching my spirituality and the services I offer. I seek inspiration from nature, sailing, and Tai Chi. My 'Soul' expression is through writing, playing Shakuhachi (Zen) and Bansari flutes and drawing with oriental brush arts.

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