You are invited to join our mid summer annual 3 day Wholebody workshops in Melbourne at the Abbotsford convent. They are held in January each year.

'Exploring the Universe in your Own Body'

Connecting to our Living Wisdom...

The work gives space and time... to deeply contact... the support... your living body has with and from and to the environment.

Experiential cultivation of this practice in 'the environment' of partnership brings safety and profound connection to your own bodies living wisdom.

There is a 3 day live in Wholebody workshop coming up in June 2015.

Other workshops are run throughout the year in Melbourne and around Australia.

One to one sessions are available on Skype and in person at the Abbotsford convent.

A 2 year teacher training program is available if you would like to take the next step and become a Focusing teacher.


I have a great love and connection to the arts, ideas, film and the body. I have spent most of my adult life working as an actor, writer and film director. Alongside that I had many years of serious meditation practice.

In 2000 I was lucky enough to discover Focusing.

I have been teaching Focusing full time since 2008.

I originally learnt Focusing using Gene Gendlin's six step method. I later went on to train and was certified as a teacher with Ann Weiser Cornell and the Focusing institute. It was a natural progression for me to work in a more bodily way and I began one to one sessions with Kevin Mcevenue, this relational body work opened up to training as a Focusing co-ordinator.

I have worked with many other teachers along the way and each have given me deeper understanding of myself and the possibilities and meaning of what relationship can be and what this work can bring for us.

I continue to study Gendlin's philosophy, The Process model and this is integral to my understanding of the work and.... of why Focusing works.

My interest is to expand 'possibility space' for myself and others. My practice and teaching is designed to bring deeper connection, safety, and more love into our own bodies. Once established in this the natural exploration is to bring this same depth of understanding, love and connection, to our relationships with others.

The workshops I facilitate, ‘Exploring the Universe in your Own body,’ is the unfolding of this work...