Jocelyn Jacks Kahn


What I most value about Focusing is that it shows us how to allow the nitty-gritty issues of our daily lives to become stepping-stones into a rich life lived from our deepest, largest self. It shows us how to sense and follow the inner thread of our own aliveness – and how to pick it up again when we lose it.

Guided Sessions

I offer guided Focusing sessions in person in Hawthorne, NJ and via phone, Skype or videoconference. For details, please visit my website and then contact me with any questions you may have.


Among the classes I have taught (and currently teach) are:

  • Inner Relationship Focusing, Levels 1-4

  • Wholebody Focusing

  • “What Am I Hungry For?,” a 16-week mentored course using IRF and WBF to explore food, weight and body image issues

I teach in-person classes in Hawthorne, NJ as well as classes via phone and videoconference. Class details are on my website.


My background is in Inner Relationship Focusing and Wholebody Focusing.

Before encountering Focusing, I had been professionally practicing and teaching energy healing for 20 years. What most sparked me about energy healing was seeing the illumination that came when a client first realized that their hurting place was just one part of something much bigger.

When I encountered Inner Relationship Focusing in 2008, I realized that what Focusing was largely about was exactly that - connecting with something bigger and deeper than the hurting part. I never looked back. I was certified through Ann Weiser Cornell as a Focusing trainer and guide with a specialty in IRF in 2010.

Soon afterwards, I joined Kevin McEvenue and Karen Whalen's two-year training in Wholebody Focusing. I was approved as a WBF trainer in 2013.

I particularly value WBF for giving us an expanded felt experience of our “body” and showing us how to heal our relationship to it, as well as for its explorations into the larger sense of self that opens up to us in relationship.

IRF and WBF have changed my life, and it is my deep pleasure to share these profound ways of living with others.