Wholebody Focusing Training and Experience

Finding Wholebody Focusing
My introduction to Wholebody Focusing began in 2011 after reading about an introductory Wholebody Focusing workshop in Christchurch that was being taught by Karen Whalen Ph.D. My interest was immediate and I knew with absolute certainty that I must get myself along to it and satisfy a deep curiosity residing within. This experiential way of connecting to Self was the beginning of a hunger for more knowledge and participation in Wholebody Focusing.

Experiential Training
In 2012 I attended a five day Wholebody Focusing workshop at Gentle Annie on the West Coast taught by Karen and this had a profound impact on me, cementing an absolute knowing that I wanted and needed Wholebody Focusing in my life. I continued my exploration and training in Wholebody Focusing through focusing/listening workshops, class skype sessions, one on one listening / focusing partnerships and guiding small group sessions in a workshop situation under the guidance of Karen.

Advanced Training
From an invitation to attend a Wholebody Focusing retreat in France with Karen and Kevin McEvenue I continued to deep my understanding of the relational practice of Wholebody Heartfelt Connection. This was a profound experience for me to meet and engage with the founder of Wholebody Focusing and to connect with other advanced Wholebody Focusing students from around the world in the charming setting of Guilliers Brittany France.

I became a certified Wholebody Focusing trainer in May 2015 with the Focusing Institute of New York and have been in training with Karen since 2011.

Teaching Experience
In June 2015 I co-facilitated two Wholebody Focusing workshops at Waikawa in the Catlins New Zealand with Karen. The first 3-day workshop was the Foundational Training in Wholebody Focusing and the second workshop explored the Heartfelt Connections of Mutality in my Relationships. After the workshop I facilitated monthly listening practice classes in Invercargill for workshop participants to offer support and deepen the experiential practice and understanding of Wholebody Focusing and the Heartfelt Connection.

In my everyday life
Wholebody Focusing is an intrinsic part of my life and I attribute my ability to be able to be fully my Self and shift blockages so I can move my life forward because of it. My commitment is to continue the practice of Wholebody Focusing to enrich and enliven my own life and also to share my experiential knowledge with other people who are disconnected and have lost touch with the wisdom of their own living body and who struggle to cope with living on a daily basis. This desire to share and teach the practice of Wholebody Focusing comes from my own struggle and a deep empathy and compassion from within.