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My name is Kathy Roy and it is a pleasure to be a part of this community.

When I first met Karen Whalen, I instantly saw something in her that I wanted. Her eyes shone with vitality and the words that came to me were: "she's at home in her body."

I trained with Karen and was certified as a Wholebody Focusing Trainer in 2010.

I offer Wholebody Focusing sessions over the phone, by Skype and in person.

I also facilitate retreats throughout the Maritimes and Wholebody Focusing often gets woven into the events I offer. This practice creates meaning, understanding and heartfelt connection in such a beautiful and natural way. Wholebody Focusing is an integral part of my daily practice and I am grateful for the community of people it has helped me connect with around the world.

I feel safe to show up in my life with my heart open as a result of my Wholebody Focusing work. This is the greatest gift it has given me.


I am trained as a Life Coach, Energy Practitioner and Spiritual Guide. I love accompanying others as they explore their inner life. I always feel like I am standing on sacred ground when I am listening to another in a Wholebody Focusing way.

I work with individuals and I also facilitate retreats that are restorative and replenishing.

There is an enlivening of the human spirit that happens during the Wholebody Focusing process and it partners so well with ALL the other work that I do.

Currently, I am answering the inner call to write and am working on a number of projects.