Katrijn Van Loock


I am aspecially interested in bringing the practise of heartfelt conversation further. Opening up the relational field in wholebody focusing is so fascinating, rich and healing. I am happy to further explore and develop this field with Karen Whalen and so many others.


I am a certified psychologist and person-oriented therapist. When studying psychology Mia Leysen already introduced focusing to us (1993). It was love at first sight. During my therapy training I refined my focusing practise. Later I started training focusing in the 1-4 level form. In 2011 I started the Advanced Wholebody Focusing training in New York. This opened a whole new dimension in my focusing. The Wholebody Focusing language is my focusing language. After the training I stayed in close connection with Karen Whalen. I felt how the heartfelt conversation was opening up a new domain for me. Bringing Wholebody focusing into the relational field. Exploring how to be ME here, just the way I am with others. Sharing the healing container of the WE-here. I will continue training and developing the heartfelt conversation. In november 2015 Karen Whalen and I will start the first Advanced Relational Wholebody Focusing training in Europe.