Kay Hoffmann
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I consider myself extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn Wholebody Focusing with Kevin McEvenue in a series of workshops in the UK many years ago. My first encounter with the Wholebody approach completely transformed my experience and understanding of Focusing. The phrase “the wisdom of the body” took on a whole new meaning for me, which has remained central to my practice and teaching ever since.

Being in a position to share this body-led, heart-felt approach is a real joy. I have been running Wholebody Focusing workshops up and down the UK since 2009 and find that it has a profound effect on everyone who encounters it. After attending a recent introductory workshop, a certified trainer who had already been Focusing for many years said: “My whole journey with Focusing has been like a set of Russian dolls, getting progressively larger. Having now experienced Wholebody Focusing I know this is the BIG one – the doll which encompasses all the others and is also in direct contact with the space around her!”

Feedback like this keeps me inspired to bring the spirit of Wholebody Focusing into all my teaching. It brings such a shift in people’s understanding of what it means to truly listen with their whole body that I consider it a must for my trainers-in-training to have experienced this expansive process.

What I offer:

I am able to offer introductory Wholebody Focusing workshops anywhere in the UK and am also open to traveling further afield. I usually limit numbers to five people for introductory workshops and frequently use a participant’s home as the workshop venue in exchange for a free place. This format ensures a cosy, intimate setting and aligns with my commitment to offering Focusing at affordable rates.

I also run follow-on events, providing those who already know Wholebody Focusing and Listening with an opportunity to practice and explore together.

I am available for one-to-one Skype/telephone sessions.

I offer training in Focusing and Listening at all levels, one-to-one and in group settings - both in person and on Skype/telephone. I have a special interest in finding ways to interweave elements of Wholebody Focusing into courses for people new to Focusing.

I also facilitate one-to-one Focusing-oriented yoga sessions.

Please feel free to contact me by email to enquire or chat about any of the above.


My first career was in nursing. After training in the UK I spent two years at a hospital for tropical diseases in Germany followed by ten years nursing in Africa - an experience which challenged my world view and opened my eyes to the astonishing resilience of the human spirit in even the most dire of circumstances.

On returning to the UK in 1996 with a baby and a toddler, I took time out to be with my two beautiful daughters. During this time I also completed a yoga teacher training with the Yoga for Health Foundation and had the good fortune to discover Focusing. I first trained with Barbara McGavin (to whom I am forever indebted for her warm welcome and wonderful listening) and soon realized that I had found my niche. I felt utterly at home in the Focusing world and incredibly lucky to have found a way to deeply reconnect with myself.

Listening to others in a Focusing way rapidly became one of my greatest pleasures and it seemed too good to be true that I could also make a living in this way! I progressed steadily through the British Focusing Association system – first concentrating on developing my one-to-one skills as a Focusing Practitioner, then learning to facilitate groups as a Focusing Teacher and finally becoming a BFA Mentor and TFI Coordinator in 2011. Along with Barbara and Kevin, Rob Foxcroft, Peter Afford, Lesley Wilson and Addie van der Kooy have all been a great source of inspiration and support along the way.

I have now been mentoring Practitioner and Teacher trainees for several years and absolutely love the privilege of accompanying people in finding their own unique embodiment of Focusing.