Laura is delighted to have found Wholebody Focusing while attending Focusing Institute Summer School in 2008.

Since then she has trained extensively with Kevin McEvenue and explored the open door that Wholebody Focusing provides to connect and reconnect her to the joy of living. Laura is a quiet and deeply appreciative presence.

She is available for personal sessions on Skype at laura.anne.9

Her special interests are Mothering our Adult children, Learning from our Children and Grandchildren, Exploring the physical/emotional terrain of our stopped experiences, Celebrating the felt shift, Considering the implications of Mutuality for further understanding of the Larger Living Universe, walking, cooking, gardening, sewing, creating, smiling.

I've been describing myself in 3rd person so let me stop now and just say hello. I look forward to receiving the resource that you are, now that I have gotten to know something more about myself. I look forward to the further development of our Wholebody Focusing Community!


After receiving her B.A. in Sociology, Laura became a self-chosen "stay at home" type of Mom with multiple kinds of interests. Then after raising the four children, she went back to school and received her M.A. in Counseling Psychology. It was during that time that Laura first heard about Focusing. Since then Laura has trained at length privately with Kevin McEvenue. She has attended both Advanced Wholebody Focusing Training Programs with Kevin McEvenue and with Karen Whalen. She is a Trainer in Wholebody Focusing certified by the Focusing Institute.

She has also worked with Glenn Fleisch, Rob Parker, and Ann Weiser Cornell. She did all five levels of Ann Weiser Cornell's Inner Relationship Focusing work as well.

Laura is a frequent attendee at Focusing Institute Summer School. She will be one of the team of Wholebody Focusing teachers working with students at FISS again in 2015 in Kevin McEvenue's summer school class.