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For the last 10 years, i have embarked wholeheartedly on a journey to "discover", "remember" my true essence. My journey has taken me to various forms of meditation, yoga, qigong, community building. When i came across WBF, i felt electrified. It resonated with my whole being.

After every WBF session, i feel more alive, more authentic and in general am an opener, more centered and happier person.

Right now i am exploring the possibilities of applying whole body focusing in my restaurant business and in the intentional ecological/spiritual community that my husband and I belong to here in Costa Rica.

I am interested in sharing how HFC and WBF can be used in organizational development both in business and in communities.


I was born in China. My family immigrated to Costa Rica when i was 12. I was educated in the US as a chemical engineer and a business administrator but my heart has always been in dance and spirituality.

I worked with IBM, the Recycling Program of the City of San Francisco, a nonprofit business development organization, a refugee camp in Thailand; but mostly as a motivator, manager and chef of our restaurant for the last 22 years.

I welcome the opportunity to practice WBF and HFC with anyone with an interest in meditation, dance and yoga.