I, Olivier Gourmet, have been developing an innovative approach for inner coaching and leadership development. I’ve titled it Wholebody Leadership. It combines the best teachings of Wholebody Focusing, Aikido with Mind and Body Coordinated, Leadership Embodiment, the Art of Hosting and the Theory U.

Wholebody Leadership is for managers, executives, consultants, facilitators and trainers. It’s for anyone who would like to be a better leader, to become his or her best self and maximize their full potential. This approach has been enthusiastically received.

For more information, testimonials, training and coaching services, please visit my web site at www.wholebodyleadership.com.


I am a senior business consultant specializing in business improvement, team dynamics and organizational development for over 20 years (as of 2015). Also, I am a professional facilitator, coach and trainer.

In 2002, I became a Certified Focusing Trainer and in 2011 a Certifying Focusing Coordinator for Belgium and Luxembourg. I have been practicing Aikido and Argentine Tango for more than ten years.

My current passion is sharing, witnessing the effects and practicing the mind/body coordination principles of Aikido in everyday living.