My introduction to whole-body focusing was at a workshop in summer in Melbourne several years ago with Dr Karen Whalen. The resulting depth of connection I made with self and others was quite breathtaking. Little did I know that I was yet to be introduced to heartfelt conversations through wholebody focusing!

This new knowledge and practice is something I endeavor to incorporate into my secondary and tertiary educational work as well as my work with corporates.

As a Certified Wholebody Trainer I bring strands of inner relationship focusing and mindfulness into my sessions if it feels right to do so. I offer one-on-one and group sessions in person or on Skype. My style varies according to what feels right but can contain elements of inner relationship focusing as well as mindfulness.

I run sessions on focusing and creativity and am currently exploring wholebody focusing and 'holding the not knowing in business'. This has been unfolding over the last few months as I partner with another wholebody focuser who is also a business owner. I hope to offer these types of sessions to others either exploring business possibilities or already operating their business but feeling held back or stuck.

I teach mindfulness in schools and in the corporate world and have created resources which aid in teaching this and can be found at www.mindfulproducts.com.au

Skype: sarah.salas.1


I am an educator who has been working training adults in Business Planning for 17 years. I have mentored over 500 small business in that time. I am also a marketing consultant and a mindfulness teacher.

I was introduced to Inner Relationship Focusing in 2008, and Whole Body Focusing in 2011. I undertook the first four levels in Inner Relationship Focusing training prior to 2011. However, after I had experienced Wholebody Focusing, I found it offered me a far greater depth of experience and meaning. I then changed direction to become certified as a Wholebody Focusing Trainer.

I believe Whole Body Focusing (WBF) is a gift and something that I want to share with the larger community. I decided I wanted to try and bring it, or at least part of it, into schools to give students tools that could help them stay grounded in times of stress and anxiety. I have brought mindfulness/wholebody teaching into seven schools and a number of businesses/government institutions so far in Australia and the UK.