Welcome to my WholeBody Focusing resource page.

Here you will discover more about me and what my work is about.

No single methodology or process has shaped or defined my life more than WholeBody Focusing, Coaching and learning about personalities and the deeper levels of diversity (our invisible differences that I choose to call ”Multiplicity”), especially through the Enneagram.

Certifications & Specializations:

  • Certified Whole Body Focusing Trainer - Focusing Institute
  • Advanced WholeBody Focusing Training - Focusing Institute
  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC) - International Coach Federation (ICF)
  • Master Trainer of Coaching skills
  • Certified Supervisor and Mentor of Leaders (CSLE)
  • Certified Narrative Enneagram Teacher(ETNT)
  • NLP Trainer

Current Workshop Offerings together with my partner Jim Grant (Certified WholeBody Focusing Coordinator and Trainer):

  • Introduction to WholeBody Focusing: Journey to Wholeness
  • Introduction to The WholeBody Enneagram: Combining the basics of WholeBody Focusing with the basics of Sufi Enneagram
  • WholeBody Focusing Practitioner: A year-long program for coaches
  • From the other end of the couch - Introduction to WholeBody Focusing for couples

I am an entrepreneur, the founder and CEO of Diversitas Oy (Ltd). This is the container for fusing my passions; leadership development, professional coaching and exploring personality models.

My business career is rooted in hospitality management, with fifteen years of experience in increasingly responsible leadership positions. Twelve years in the language service sector was an integral step in client-focused service and consulting.

My vision is to support the growth of leaders and develop their self-awareness and offer insights to leading multiplicity (the joy and challenge of different personalities) in the workplace. I use a variety of thought provoking models and techniques in all coaching conversations and trainings enabling those I work with to lead with their own unique style and achieve their team’s highest potential as a result.

As an emerging leader, I chose two main areas for my own personal development: interpersonal communications and diversity. Not surprisingly, the most challenging was around people’s individual personalities. My desire to expand and mature my communication skills led me to study and become certified as a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practioner, Master Practitioner and Trainer. The necessity to understand the complexities of diverse human personalities led me to study the Enneagram and become certified as an Enneagram Practitioner and Teacher.

As a professional coach, I am continuing to focus on my personal growth and development. The current modality I’m adding to my coaching and training practices is WholeBody Focusing – a powerful method around somatic awareness and presence.

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