I had been in the healing arts for 20 years before I was introduced to Inner Relationship Focusing. In the process of becoming Certified in Inner Relationship Focusing I took a Whole Body Focusing class with Kevin. Whole Body Focusing really spoke to me. It gave me another way to apply focusing. I have always experienced my body as a powerful anchor to find my deepest self and Whole Body Focusing opened and deepened that relationship, as did Heart Felt Conversations. I feel so appreciative to know Kevin and to be apart of this extraordinary community. Kevin is such a special soul that taught me how to be and express my whole self. He models so beautifully how to be authentic.

I have always had an interest and love for animals of all kinds and the relationship I have had with them. I decided to combined my love for animals and focusing and start a business that could help pet owners create heart felt relationships with their animal companions.

So began Heart Matters. Heart Matters creates a space for you to make heart felt change by teaching a method that combines intuitive intelligence with deep listening to our animals and their needs. From this, greater harmony, deeper connection, and wider trust grow, as you come to better understand both the human and the animal point of view.

Services - one on one sessions and small workshops in person, Skype or by phone

Free 15 minute consult to explore if Heart Matters is right for you.

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Sharon is a Holistic Health Practitioner, Massage Therapist,Craniosacral Therapist and Practical Nurse. She is certified in Inner Relationship Focusing, Acupressure,Reiki, Nutrition and Herbal Therapy. She operated a Wellness Center for 20 years and practiced healing on people, dogs and horses. Sharon taught classes in acupressure, yoga and meditation. She is now dedicating her time to her passion for animals,by coaching and teaching pet owners the core life skills that support and nourish heart felt relationships with their animal companions.